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Learning Differences & Neurodiversity

How Can I Help?

Graduation Caps

There is so much to know about navigating this process, but rest assured, I can lead the way. I pilot students with learning differences and neurodiversity through their college admission journey and then provide them with the tools to make the most of their college years. In addition to guidance on the admission process, I am able to advise on:

  • How to set up systems in high school to ensure success in college and beyond*

  • How to manage accommodations with standardized tests (ACT/SAT)

  • How to learn about accommodations offered in college

  • How to make the most of accommodations in college

I work together with the student to identify their learning style and preferences so that we can identify the type of learning environment that allows them to do their best work, whether it's a super-selective university, a college known for nurturing students, or a transition program. 

*I love to start with these students as early as freshman year in high school, but I'm very happy to assist at any time on an hourly basis.

A Bit About Me

I have ADHD and didn't think I had an ounce of intelligence until I was in my second year of college. From K through 12, I could never answer questions in class. My attention was elsewhere. Typical comments on my report cards included "lazy" and "not working to her potential." I suffered from anxiety, living in fear that I would be called on in class and exposed for not finishing the homework reading. 

Thankfully I made it to a college that was a good fit for me. Starting sophomore year, as I had finished my core requirements and classes became more interesting, I did really well, even making the Dean's List. I discovered that I learned really well in small, seminar-style classes, where I could talk things through with other students and the professor. I also discovered that I had great success in writing papers as opposed to taking tests.

Everyone is different, so figuring out each student's learning style, strengths, and limitations allows me to identify best-fit colleges.  

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